Minks vs. minx

  • mink is a weasel-like carnivore native to North America, known for its lustrous fur. The plural form is minks.


    minx is a promiscuous, impudent, or flirtatious young woman who causes trouble. The term carries a sexist connotation.



    The American mink was first introduced to Scotland in 1938 for fur farming, but their escape and deliberate release have left native species at risk. [Scotsman]

    There, prosecutors allege, the men released 2,000 minks from their cages and took down part of the fence surrounding the farm so the animals could escape. [LA Times]

    On a lighter note, the rom-com subplot follows Jeff and his attempts to fend off the advances of the (underwritten) town sexpot Meg (Maggie Portman, playing the lusty minx to the rafters). [TheaterMania]

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